Please call before sending your quilt!
Jane McNett  (607)734-8526   117 West Hill Road, Elmira, NY  14850
We have HUNDREDS of patterns to choose from in almost every category
you can imagine.  Please call and we'll help you select the best one for
your special project!  Here is just a small sample...
If your quilt is for a particular occasion we have a pattern to match!

  • Winter: snowmen, snowflakes, holly
  • Fall: ghosts, goblins, leaves, acorn, apples
  • Baby booties, Dick & Jane, teddy bears, crayons, sheep, kites, ducks
  • Curious George, dinosaurs, hot rods, air-planes, western
  • Sports: football, baseball, soccer, etc.
  • Bugs, animals, farm, fish, dinosaur, birds, dogs, cats, frogs, deer
  • Flowers, sunflowers, roses, daisies, tulips, cactus, bees & flowers, dragonflies
  • Nature: evergreen, ivy, trees, butterflies
  • Stars, hearts, loops, music, ribbon, space
  • Feathers, paisley, circles
  • Fun: flip flops, umbrellas, balloons, choco-late, coffee, telephones, high heels, tools,
    construction, food, camping, picnic, Mardi Gras, sewing
  • Geometric, Asian, Greek, Celtic
  • Lettering for names, dates, phrases
  • Americana